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Quality improvement of meat meal in An university students restaurant
Authors: walidsarab
Year: 2010
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90 samples of meat, chicken panee and kofta (30 of each) were collected from a university student restaurant for determination of their bacteriological and chemical aspects. Each meat samples was represented as raw and cooked (15 of each). The obtained results indicated that the mean values of APC, total Staphylococci count and Bacillus cereus count were difference for raw meat ,raw chicken panne and for raw kofta samples. In add to the cooked meat meals had been examined also to detect the difference after cooking, Results associated with the examined samples either raw or cooked were significant either (P ≤ 0.01) or (P ≤ 0.05) as a result of their bacterial profiles. On the other hand, isolation and identification of Gram positive cocci declared that S.aureus, S.epidermidis and micrococci were isolated from raw meat, raw chicken panne and for raw kofta,. However the cooking had significant effect on the incidence of Gram positive cocci of cooked meat, fried chicken panne and cooked kofta samples, Furthermore, the incidence of Bacillus cereus organisms of raw meat, raw chicken panne and raw kofta also were isolated from cooked meat, fried chicken panne and cooked kofta, respectively, E.coli was isolated from the examined samples , Moreover, there was no contamination with Salmonella organism in raw meat samples and cooked meat meal samples.

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