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Hygienic evaluation of Meat Handlers and equipment in meat preparation Sector in some markets in Qalyubia Governorate
Authors: Haytham,.M. Hassan, Hemmat. M. IBrahim, Mohamed.A.Hassan, Amina.M.Alrais and Walid.S.Arab
Year: 2023
Keywords: Salmonellae, E. coli in Food handler and knife sanitation
Journal: Benha veterinary medical Journal
Volume: 45
Issue: 2
Pages: 26-36
Publisher: BVMJ
Local/International: Local
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From two retail markets (A and B) in the Kalyoubia Governorate of Egypt, 90 samples of raw beef burger, kofta and sausage were gathered and 30 swabs of employee hands, table surfaces and knives (10 of each) were equally collected to assess the hygienic practices used to handle these products, the collected samples were tested for the presence of Salmonella and E.coli. Additionally, it was done to check for food poisoning bacteria on knives, tabletop surfaces, and people who handle food. To be precise, in market (A), S. aureus was identified from 20% of worker hands and table surfaces and 30% of knife swabs. The results from the swabs taken from the worker hands, tabletops, and knives in market (B) were 30%, 30%, and 40%, respectively. However, E. coli was recovered from 20% of knives, 10% of worker hands, and table surfaces in market (A) and from 10% of worker hands, 20% of knives and table surfaces in market (B). Furthermore, the tested swabs from markets (A) and (B) were free from Salmonellae. Salmonellae were found in 6.67% of the beef burger and kofta samples from market (A), and in 6.67%, 6.67% and 20% of the beef burger, Kofta and sausage samples from market (B), respectively, Good hygienic processing practices for processing of meat products should be implemented, these practices include selection of good quality raw materials, cleaning and hygiene of work station, cleaning and sanitation of tools and equipment, good personal hygiene and hand sanitation and control of CCPs of the production process including temperature control from receiving of raw materials till displaying the end products.

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