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Decision Support System for Technical Management of Food Processing Industries,
Authors: S.A. Ali, A.H. Bahnasawy
Year: 2011
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A computer-based decision support system called a Production Economical Reporting and Control System (PERCS) has been developed to help people work in food processing industries: decisions making, choosing between alternatives, solving problems and planning for the future. The system was divided into five parts: (a) the data management, (b) the model management system, (c) the knowledge engine, (d) the user interface, and (e) the user(s). This system was capable to report on the following functions: First, materials traceability which includes: sources, quantities, dates, names, prices, packages types and numbers, etc. Second was for machines and product lines report. Third, part was concerning about labor reports which includes: jobs, productivity, shift number, breakdown causes. Fourth, storing status, and the final part was for the quality report which includes: quantities, types, dates,. etc. Onion dehydration industry was taken as a case study to apply the computer-based system for helping in technical management for this factory.

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