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Identification and determination of aroma components of some juice and its blends
Authors: Mohamed K. Abd el-Aziz , Ashraf M. Sharoba, Ahmed E. El-Desouky, Hassan H. Khalaf and Osama M. Morsy
Year: 2018
Keywords: Aroma chemical composition; aroma components, Mango juice, Orange juice, Apricot juice, Carrots juice, Juice blends.
Journal: 4th International Conference on Biotechnology Applications in Agriculture (ICBAA), Benha University, Moshtohor and Hurghada, 4-7 April 2018, Egypt
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 361-378
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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In this study, the chromatographic analysis method was used to determine the components responsible for the flavor in some types of juices and beverages in Egypt. The components of the flavor were also estimated in mango juice, orange juice, apricot juice, carrot juice and kaki juice after the addition of pectinase and cellulose enzymes with a concentration of 0.1% to determine the effect of these enzymes on the flavor components of this juice. And also prepared 4 mixtures including mango juice with orange juice, mango juice with carrot juice, mango juice with apricot juice and mango juice with kaki juice mixing rate 80:20% respectively. Flavor components were estimated in 11 samples. The results showed that the product of mango juice contained propane, 2-methoxycontent of 21.86 and apricot juice on 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)with 14.59 and orange juice on compound ethane, 1,1'-oxybis-with 79.36 and kaki juice on ethane, 1,1'-oxybis compound with 84.39 and carrot juice on 9- octadecenoic acid (Z)-compound by 40.31. The addition of pectinase and celluloseal enzymes to mango juice increased 9-Octadecenoic Acid (Z)- by 86.88 and 96.29 respectively. And contain mango juice mixed with orange juice on 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z) compound with 54.91 and mango juice mixture juice carrots on the ethane, 1,1'- oxybis compound 70.35 and mango juice mixed with kaki juice ethane, 1,1'-oxybis on the compound 89.07 and mango juice mixed with apricot juice ethane, 1,1'-oxybis- on the compound 89.07.

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