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Prof. Muhammad Hany A.Tageldin :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2007
1-Passing a 5-day (2-6 September, 2007) on Human Rights Basics Training Course offered by the AUC staff at Banha Univ.
2-Teaching a "biometry" class for the Entomology graduate students at the faculty of Science, Banha University during the period from November 2006-November 2007
Scientific Activities of 2004
3-Passing a 40 hr FLDP - the Faculty and Leadership Development Project- workshop at Zagazeeg Univ from 19-26 Dec 2004.
Scientific Activities of 1994
4-Carrying out statistical analyses of some experiments for NARP-A1-20 project
Scientific Activities of 1990
5-Attending a 2-day workshop on teaching skills for Faculty staff members at Zagazeeg Univ (1990).
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