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Prof. Saad Zaki Bolbol :: Experience:

  • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS) according to ICAO annexes 4, 14, and 15, and working experiences with International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • Mathematical solutions of geodetic and survey practicing.
  • Supervision of M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis and the examiner of many scientific researches.
  • Detection of crustal movements and continental drift.
  • Lecturing in the Surveying Department at Benha University.
  • Application of quality in higher education.
  • Consultant of surveying, geodesy, and hydrographs.
  • Administrating faculties and the university.
  • ISO 19000s for surveying, GIS…etc.
  • Establishing specifications of surveying and geodetic work.
  • Consulting, managing, and evaluating projects.
  • Published more than 330 articles in the most famous daily Egyptian newspaper (El Ahram) mostly concerning education and scientific research.
  • Social Activities with NGOs to re qualify the unemployed, and was the President of the Graduate Association of Benha University.
  • ICAO annexes 4 and 14 for Egyptian, international and domestic, airports. Surveying and mapping of 15 km from ARP of each airport. Determining the magnetic bearing of taxiways and runways
  • Determining obstacles and its penetration through imaginary surfaces according to ICAO annexes 4, 14, and 15. The imaginary surfaces are calculated for runways and instruments such as ILS and radars
  • stations in each airport. Taking measurements using GPS covering all the area inside an airport and all the area of imaginary surfaces. Also, observing and calculating geoid undulation
  • Determining area 1, area 2, area 3, and area 4, according to ICAO annexes 15 based on geodetic cartography and GIS procedures
  • All aeronautical work is done according to; ISO 19108 Gregorian calendar, ISO 19109 Geographical information – rules for application schema, ISO 19110 Geographical information – methodology for feature catalogue, ISO 19113 Geographical information – quality principles, ISO 19114 Geographical information – quality evaluation procedures, ISO 19115 Geographical information – meta data, ISO 19117 Geographical information – portrayal & ISO 19123 Geographical information – schema for coverage geometry and functions, ISO 19131 Geographical information – data product specifications
  • Consultant for designing a Geographical Information System (GIS) of Greater Cairo Utilities Detection Centre (GCUDC) since 1987 and followed by maintenance and developing
  • Consultant of GIS work for utility centres in each Egyptian shire
  • Designing GIS for the archaeological monuments in different areas in Egypt
  • Establishing GPS/GIS system for Egyptian Airports
  • Cooperating with metrological departments for using GIS metrological data which, in turn, are used in surveying and geodetic observation
  • •Detection of Utilities and Geographical Information System of utilities data According to ISO 19000s
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