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Prof. Saad Zaki Bolbol :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
• Using digital models in surveying and geodesy 1992 Completed
• Redefinition of Egyptian networks using direct and reverse problem 1994 Completed
• GIS and applications 1995 Completed
• New geodetic technique for high accurate geodetic position determination using PS 1996 Completed
• Proposed new project ion for Egyptian maps 1997 Completed
• Measurements of crustal movement o Moquatum hills 1997 Completed
• Redefinition of specification of surveying work in Egypt 1999 Completed
• Practical application of relative displacement using geodetic and close range Photogrammetry techniques 1999 Completed
• Adjustment of Egyptian triangulation networks on Helmert 1906 and WGS84 2004 Completed
• Proposed conformal projection for Syria and computer program for transformation 2005 Completed
• Geodetic application in navigation 2006 Completed
• Regional dynamic studies of greater Cairo area using geodetic technique 2003 Completed
• Accuracy investigation of GPS controlled independent block adjustment Completed
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