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Prof. Saad Zaki Bolbol :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1. Redefinition of triangulation networks 1989 Completed
2. Effect of linear measurements on triangulation network 1989 Completed
3. Accuracy determination of astronomical observation on Sun using Raluf prism 1992 Completed
4. Revising traverse observation and adjustment 1992 Completed
5. Basic networks for crustal movement in upper Moquatum hills 1993 Completed
6. Towards more accurate electronic coordinates in GIS 1993 Completed
7. Use GIS for utilities detection 1993 Completed
8. Evaluation of triangulation and traverse in cities 1993 Completed
9. Evaluation of traverse observations and adjustment 1993 Completed
10. The use of surveying methods in archaeology 1994 Completed
11. Use of new least squares procedure for adjustment of surveying observations 1996 Completed
12. Detection of building on Moquttam hills 1997 Completed
13. Geodetic application on civilian airports 1998 Completed
14. Surveying measurements of non regular movement 1999 Completed
15. Use of quality assurance on surveying observations and adjustment 1999 Completed
16. Use of advanced surveying methods for engineering work 1999 Completed
17. Effect of angular and linear measurements on strengthening geodetic networks 2001 Completed
18. Non traditional applications on horizontal control 2001 Completed
19. Investigation of accuracy of GPS 2001 Completed
20. Planning and quality of surveying work 2002 Completed
21. Adjustment of surveying observation using mathematical and geographical methods 2003 Completed
22. Potential accuracy of point positioning using high resolution satellite imagery 2004 Completed
23. Application of satellite imagery technology and GIS for educational purpose 2004 Completed
24. Application of hydrographical survey in Toshka project 2005 Completed
25. Accuracy of hydrographical survey 2006 Completed
26. Advanced techniques for tunnel survey 2006 Completed
27. Effect of gravity on height measurements in Egypt 2006 Completed
• The use of inertial established ground control points in aerial triangulation Completed
• Investigation for rectification of rolled terrain Completed
• Investigations of different applications of Orthophotography Completed
• Investigating the performance of the different coordinates transformation models Completed
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