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The university president meets the Arabic- interested Chinese Students

Sunday 15 Dec. 2016 - 11:52:30
 The university president meets the Arabic- interested Chinese Students

During his visit to many Chinese Universities, prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-Kady, the university president meets the Chinese students who want to study Arabic language in Benha university to discuss the university's care with foreign students and get to know the student life at the university's campus. The university president assures the Chinese students, stresses that the president of Egypt pays a great attention to cement the relationships with China and Asia- Eastern countries and promises them to ease the difficulties that may confront them in the university in addition to inviting them to a ceremony attended by all the Chinese stduents in Benha University. The meeting was held in the presence of prof.Dr. Muhammad Abu Salim, the dean of veterinary medicine faculty, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Magraby, the dean of the faculty of agriculture, and prof.Dr. Hazem Eliwa, the member of the international relationships office of Benha University in China. At the end of the meeting, all Chinese stduents express their desire to learn Arabic Language in Benha University.


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