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Sector of University Secretary

Responsibilities of Benha University Secretary General

The Secretary General is entitled to have authorities of Undersecretary which stipulated in regulations of employees from non-faculty members at the University Administration. The Secretary General shall supervise the administrative departments and coordinate between them in accordance with what provided in rules of the University. The Secretary General shall follow up the administrative and financial affairs of the University in accordance with resolutions and regulations issued by University Council.

Tasks of University Secretary General

  • Participating with officials in formulation of University general policy to ensure the achievement of its goals and mission as well as implementing such policy.
  • Supervising and reviewing the administrative and financial affairs of the University to ensure the integrity of the work and procedures.
  • Ensure the enforcement of laws that governing the nature of administrative work in accordance with law No.47 of the Year 1978 about the system of civilian state employees and its executive regulations and amendments of some provisions in addition to laws of insurance and pensions as well as laws, regulations, publications, and periodical books.
  • Monitoring and following up the resolutions issued by University Council, Education Affairs Council, Post-graduate Studies Council, and Environment Development Council especially those relating to financial and administrative affairs of the University.
  • Heading the financial and administrative committees relating to formulate and implement the financial and administrative policy of the University.
  • Taking over the Secretariat of the University Council and specialized qualitative committees and preparing for it
  • Participating with officials in formulating the general policy of all activities of University in addition to planning the projects and formulate the implementation programs.
  • Supervising the University budget, financial policy, final accounts, and private accounts as well as financial and administrative coordination between various units of University.
  • Supervising the organizational divisions stipulated in the laws that governing the nature of administrative work, individual affairs, and faculty member affairs.
  • Following up the duties stipulated in the laws that governing the nature of financial affairs, purchases, stores, engineering affairs, administrative affairs at divisions that follow University president, Vice-presidents and various University classes.

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