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Deans of Faculties

Photo Name Faculty
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Maghraby Iraqi Amer Faculty of Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Hala Helmy Mohamed Zayed Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Dr. Howyida Sadek Abdelhameed Faculty of Nursing
Prof. Dr. Abir Fathallah Mohamed El-Rabat Faculty of Arts
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamedy Ghanem Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahem Abdelhmed Faculty of Specific Education
Prof. Dr.Abdel Moemn Shams Al-Din Alqrnfeily Faculty of Applied Arts
Prof. Dr. Aref Mohamed Ahmed Soliman Faculty of Engineering, Benha
Prof. Dr. Osama Salah Fouad Mohamed Faculty of Physical Education
Prof. Dr. Mostafa Soliman Abdel-Fattah El-Kady Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Loutfy Ibraheem Sayed Abou-Salem Faculty of Science
Prof. Dr. Eman Mohammed Abd Elhaq AbdElghani Faculty of Education
Prof. Dr. Reda Abd EL-Halim Abd El-Magid Abd EL-Bary Faculty of Law
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Rashed Moustafa Alaabady Faculty of Commerce
Prof. Dr. Ayman Mohamed Rashad Elshehaby Faculty of Engineering, Shoubra

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