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University Council


Prof. Dr. Nasser El-Gizawy

President of the University

Vice-presidents of Benha University

Prof. Dr. Nasser El-Gizawy

Vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Researches

Prof. Dr. Tamer Samir

Vice-president for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Fouda

Vice-president for Community Service and Environment Development

Experienced members

General / Abd EL-Hameed EL-Hajan

Qualubia Governor

Eng. Hani Dahi

Former Minister of Transport and Captain of Engineers

Prof. Dr. Sobhy Ghoneim

The former president of EL-Monifya University

Eng. Ibrahim EL-Araby

The head of the federation of the Egyptian chambers of commerce



Mrs. Shereen Shawky

University Secretary-General

The council secretariat

Mr. Wael Foaud Kamel

The head of the council secretariat

Council of the League Decisions

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