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BU holds a Webinar with the University of Canterbury

Wednesday 25 Aug. 2020 - 10:55:38
BU holds a Webinar with the University of Canterbury

Within the framework of Benha University 's "BU" policy to open up to the world and build strong partnerships with international universities, a webinar has been held with the University of Canterbury under the auspices of Dr. Gamal El Saeed, BU President. BU has been represented in this webinar by Dr. Hussien Almaghrabi, the University Vice-president for Education and Students` Affairs; Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, the University Vice-president for Post Graduate Studies and Researches ' Affairs; Dr. Ahmed Youssef, the Director of the University International Students Unit. In the same context, the University of Canterbury has been represented by Dr. Susan Plummer and Dr. Ranjeet Utikar


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