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Research Study between BU and Manchester University Hospital

Monday 17 Sep. 2020 - 09:22:28
Research Study between BU and Manchester University Hospital

Prof. Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, Benha University Vice-president for Post Graduate Studies and Researches' Affairs said that the Researcher/ Samar Mahmoud, the Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine has got the doctoral thesis about " Stem cell transplant" throughout a joint supervision scholarship obtained to the Researcher within the Newton-Mosharafa program, where the Researcher completed her studies at Manchester University Hospitals for Children in England.
It is worth mentioning that the supervision committee from the Egyptian side: Dr. Mohamed El-Bakry, the professor of pediatrics at BU and former head of the department, Dr. Sameh Zaki, the lecturer of pediatrics at BU, and from the British side: Dr. Robert Wayne, professor of pediatric hematology at the University of Manchester in England.

Source: Sector of University President

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