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Benha University issues Booklet about E-Portal Activities

Wednesday 11 Feb. 2021 - 12:34:40
Benha University issues Booklet about E-Portal Activities

Prof. Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, the acting president of Benha University announced that Benha University has issued a booklet in Arabic about E-portal activities and services and this is a part of a series of booklets that aim to documenting the University's activities and marketing its electronic services. El Gizawy added that E-portal of Benha University participated at providing many technological services for students and the teaching staff in an easy way. In addition, it is always developed in terms of design and content to keep up with the latest electronic portals.
Dr. Islam Sharawy , the Chief Information Officer (CIO) mentioned that Benha University E- Portal is the mirror that reflects the reality of Benha University to the world, the window through which it provides its electronic services, and the basic criterion for evaluation within the most important global rankings, so the University has given it a great attention and importance , supported it with useful content and applications service, enhanced it with a smartphone application, , secured its domains with an SSL certificate, and made it available for people with special needs.
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Shady El Mashad, the Vice of Chief Information Officer said that Benha University E- portal is always seeking to develop its electronic services and keep up with the State's aspirations for digital transformation. Not only providing smart academic and administrative systems and services but also building an integrated database in cooperation with the University's information technology projects, in addition to consolidating foundations of using information technology and participating in reducing the digital divide in the University to reach an advanced position among universities.
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Source: Sector of University President

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