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Benha University discusses its participation at the Presidential Initiative "A Decent Life for Developing Villages"

Wednesday 18 Feb. 2021 - 01:37:14
Benha University discusses its participation at the Presidential Initiative

The Community Services and Environment Affairs Board was held under presidency of Dr. Gamal Sousse, the General Supervisor on Community Service Sector, in presence of the board's members and the faculties' deputies. During the meeting, the Board discussed the mechanism of Benha University's participation in the presidential initiative "A Decent Life for developing villages" which includes Shebin El Qanater village. Benha University is going to participate at the initiative by coordinating with the coordinator of the initiative in Qalyoubia Governorate and the governorate general secretary. Dr.Gamal Soussa said that the national project for developing most of Egyptian rural villages is one of the most important initiatives that launched by the political leadership which aimed at improving standard of living at Egyptian villages.
Dr. Amr Hanfy, Faculty of Engineering deputy for Community Service and Environment Affairs has confirmed that Benha University is going to support the rural villages with various services, developing of infrastructure projects and improving the standard of living at the Egyptian villages.

Source: Sector of University President

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