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Benha University receives the Applicants for the Leadership Positions

Sunday 10 Aug. 2021 - 01:37:45
Benha University receives the Applicants for the Leadership Positions

The Leadership Selection Committee at Benha University has received applicants for the leaderships' positions in presence of Prof.Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, the acting president of Benha University, Prof. Tamer Samir, Benha University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs, Dr. Huda Sharawy , the former deputy for Benha University and Dr. Ashraf Shams El Din , the professor at faculty of Commerce .
The Committee has held its meeting today to conduct interviews with the employees applying for the supervision positions which are as following; Director General of the President's Office, Director General of the Councils Secretariat, Director General of Medical Affairs, Director General of Postgraduate Studies and Research, General Director of Special Accounts, General manager of administrative affairs, General Director of Legal Affairs and Director General of Public Relations and Media. The Committee listened to the proposals, ideas of job applicants, the way they manage the sectors they have applied for, their vision for development, the speed of completion work, and the ability to make decisions and solve problems. El Gizawy stressed that the selection of applicants for leadership positions is carried out through the committee and in accordance with the necessary criteria to select the most qualified and appropriate among them to occupy leadership positions at the university.

Source: Sector of University President

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