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Benha University President inspects Benha University Hostels at Shoubra

Wednesday 1 Mar. 2022 - 11:06:42
Benha University President inspects Benha University Hostels at Shoubra

Prof. Dr. Gamal Sosa, Benha University President has inspected the University hostel at Shoubra to check the provided service for students and he was accompanied by Dr. Sayed Abd El Wanis, the general Supervisor of University hostels at Benha University and Dr. Awad Allah Soliman, the general manager of University Hostels at Benha University.
During his tour, Benha University President has checked the level of services provided to students, as well as inspecting kitchens, restaurants, food stores, following up on the internet service and the extent of students' satisfaction with these services. On the other hand, Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa met during his tour with a number of male and female students inside the hostel and listened to their demands and asked them about their satisfaction of provided services by the University hostels. At the end of his tour, Dr. Gamal Sosa confirmed that Benha University is keen to provide a distinguished service of high quality to international students residing at the University hostels, whether in nutrition, housing, medical and social care.

Source: Sector of University President

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