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Signing a cooperation protocol between Benha University and the Egyptian Family Household

Sunday 11 Oct. 2022 - 07:43:01
Signing a cooperation protocol between Benha University and the Egyptian Family Household

Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, BU president and Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abu Zaid, AL-Azhur University vice president of Lower Egypt and the general coordinator of the Egyptian Family Household, the Archbishop/ Aramia, the general Archbishop, the head of the Christian cultural center and the assistant secretary-general of the Egyptian Family Household signs a cooperation protocol between Benha University and the Egyptian Family Household in the presence of the Archbishop/ Maximus of Qwisna and Benha.
The protocol was signed in the presence of Prof.Dr. Nasser EL-Gizaway, the vice president of post-graduate studies and scientific research, Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Eraqi, the supervisor of the sector of community service and environment development, Ms. Shreen Shawkay, the University secretary-general, the deans of the faculties of specific education and applied arts, the assistant secretary-generals, the general coordinator of students' activities and the head of leadership center in Benha university.
BU President expresses his joy by signing the protocol to which the University is keen to do so as to unify the Muslims and the Christians and spread out peace in the country. We are all united for the sake of our beloved homeland under the leadership of his Excellency Mr. president/Abdel Fattah EL-Sisi.
He states that this protocol aims at confirming the values of citizenship, co-existence and religious address reformation for the sake of a better future. It also seeks to revive the mutual principles to preserve the Egyptian character and identity, suggest the protective ways to keep the peace in the society and get rid of the violence and hatred.
Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, BU president says that we, in Benha University, seek to have a proud generation of himself and his country's history. This is evident by signing a protocol with Egypt's Dar Al Ifta' in the presence of Dr. Shawkay Allam, the Grand Mufti of the country so as to provide more services to the University's students and hold more events and activities. These things tend to hone the knowledge and the skills of the students.
The Archbishop/ Aramia says that Egyptian Family Household has an impact of several protocols in the various aspects to let the students believe once again in the humane values; such as the loyalty and the citizenship. It also helps that spread out the culture of the diversity, enrich the national dialogue and support the effective communication among the students.
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abu Zaid thanks Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa for the university's hospitality and partnership between the University and the Egyptian Family Household. He also thanks the University for giving a room for the moderate thoughts to be prevailed among the students by the authenticated references so as to continue the journey of Egypt's success and prosperity.
It's noteworthy that the Cooperation protocol includes holding forums, events and summer camps in the University's faculties and hostels.

Source: Sector of University President


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