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Benha University Organizes Major Symposium to Encourage Students to Participate in the Presidential Elections

Sunday 29 Nov. 2023 - 12:19:56
Benha University Organizes Major Symposium to Encourage Students to Participate in the Presidential Elections

Benha University organized major symposium entitled “Share Your Vote to Continue the Way “in order to encourage its students to participate in the presidential elections.
The Symposium was held in presence of Prof.Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, Benha University President, Prof.Dr.Tamer Samir, Benha University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs, Prof.Dr.EL-Sayed Fouda, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development, Deans of several faculties and students. During his speech, El Gizawy confirmed on motivating young people to participate positively in voting during the upcoming presidential elections, stressing that this comes from the University's role in raising students' cultural awareness and introducing them to their societal and political role, to create a generation more aware toward its national duty He also pointed out that the University is keen to play its role not only academic and educational, but also its national role in building the student's personality and developing the spirit of loyalty to our country among the youth people and the importance of participating in various electoral elections, including the upcoming presidential elections.El Gizawy said that the achievements that have been achieved on the ground during the past 10 years in various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, eliminating slums, and building smart cities represent Egypt's investment in the future. He also mentioned that Egypt has succeeded in restoring its national role and its soft power at the world level in a clear and effective manner, and that the Egyptian people have a shield and a sword and a strong will. This was evident in the position of the Egyptian people and their standing behind their political leadership towards the Palestinian issue and their refusal to displace the Palestinian brothers from the Gaza Strip.

Source: Sector of University President

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