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Benha University President meets Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Sunday 8 Nov. 2023 - 12:33:30
Benha University President meets Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Prof.Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, Benha University President has met Major General Abdel Hamid Al-Hagan, Governor of Qalyubia and Dr. Amr Tallat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology during the meeting that was held at the General Office of Qalyubia Governorate.
During his word, El Gizawy confirmed that Benha University pays more attention to all presidential initiatives that are concerned with building the Egyptian person and providing him with digital and technological skills, with the aim of building the applied and practical capabilities of young people and developing their life skills to become the nucleus of a digital society who are able to keep pace with the future. He also added that Ministry of Communications and Information Technology helped the University to achieve this through supporting Benha University with several initiatives and events launched by the Ministry such as the Digital Egypt Cubs initiative that presented by the Ministry to target pre-university education students, by hosting applicants from Qalyubia Governorate in the laboratories of the University's electronic testing center to train them in various skills of information and communications technology and to develop their personal and life skills to help them achieve success toward a better and clearer future . Many students of Benha University also participated in the “Egypt Future Digital EFD” initiative, which aims to train Egyptian youth in the fields of advanced information technology in light of the state's strategy towards localizing and spreading the culture of creativity and innovation throughout the republic, encouraging development and the digital economy, and employing the latest fields of technology to achieve greater competitiveness and leadership at Egyptian Universities.

Source: Sector of University President

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