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UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

UI GreenMetric selected criteria that are generally considered to be of importance by universities concerned with sustainability. These include the collection of basic information of the size of the university and its zoning profile, whether urban, suburban, or rural. Beyond this we would like to see the degree of green space. The next category of information concerns with electricity consumption because of its link to our carbon footprint. Then we would like to know about transportation, water usage, waste management, setting & infrastructure, energy & climate change, and education & Research. Beyond these indicators, we would like to get a picture about how the university is responding to or dealing with the issues of sustainability through policies, actions, and communication.

The University in UI GreenMetric Ranking


  • World: 347
  • Africa: 4
  • Egypt: 4


  • World: 354
  • Africa: 4
  • Egypt: 4


  • World: 222
  • Africa: 3
  • Egypt: 3

UI GreenMetric Methodology


  1. Setting and Infrastructure (SI) (15%)
  2. Energy and Climate Change (EC) (21%)
  3. Waste (WS) (18%)
  4. Water (WR) (10%)
  5. Transportation (TR) (18%)
  6. Education (ED) (18%)

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