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Word by Mr. President of the University

Dear sons/ students of Benha University

Dear brothers and colleagues of Faculties Members and Teaching Assistants

Dear employees in Benha University

Dear visitors of Benha university portal

In Benha University we are all working to enhance and develop the Egyptian human quality and skills through a scientific, research, academic, and social system. We have built a certain plan to achieve that aim. All the staff members, employees, workers, and under-post graduates cooperate to reach our goal of enhancing the Egyptian human qualities.

In Benha university we seek to spread and enroot the values of, tolerance, hardworking, morals, and Egypt belonging. In Benha University we aim to find and establish the value of home belonging that everyone should be proud of it (a home of a great and ancient civilization).

In Benha university we have a role in developing the community by providing it with appropriate hospitals- we always develop them regularly- to serve our local community and we try hard to equip them to be one of the most great and efficient hospitals in Egypt and the region.

In Benha University we are working to fulfill our community needs in several fields, so we are working to construct new faculties that will soon be real - in a few coming years.

In Benha university we try hard to provide the suitable educational, scientific, and research atmosphere and environment to our students to help them in their studying and creativity, so we always give a great interest to university housing campus and students activities.

In Benha University we in a race with time to achieve what we had promised Allah and Egypt to do.

President of Benha University
Prof. Dr. El Sayed Yousef El Kady