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BU launches the Activities of Online Workshop on NBSLE

Sunday 13 Aug. 2020 - 09:53:52
BU launches the Activities of Online Workshop on NBSLE

With cooperation of the National Bank for Scientific Laboratories and Equipment "NBSLE", Supreme Council of Universities; the Scientific Laboratories and Equipment Unit, Benha University has organized the online workshop about the services provided by NBSLE for young researchers in Benha University on through ZOOM application in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Moawad, the Director of the Electronic and Cognitive Services Center; Prof. Dr. Rasha badry, the Director of NBSLE; Dr. Mohamed Basyouni, the CEO of the University Scientific Laboratories and Equipment Unit. It is worth mentioning that workshop has been organized under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Gamal El Saeed, the University President and Prof. Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, the University Vice-president for Post Graduate Studies and Researches ' Affairs.


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