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Benha University Awards Share

Awards Announcement

Awards are announced on the first of October of each year. Nomination starts from the date of announcement until the end of December of same year, and no nominations accepted after this date.

Fields of Benha University Awards

  1. Engineering and Technology Sciences: Faculties of (Engineering - Computers and Artificial Intelligence - Applied Arts - Science).
  2. Life Sciences: Faculties of (Agriculture - Veterinary Medicine - Medicine - Nursing).
  3. Basic Sciences: Faculty of Science and the corresponding Scientific Departments in the different Faculties.
  4. Literary, Social and Educational Sciences

The University Awards

Benha University grants the following Awards:

  1. The University Appreciation Award.
  2. The University Incentive Award.
  3. The University Award for Scientific Excellence.
  4. The University Award for Scientific Theses (Master - PhD).
  5. The University Award for Innovation and Patents.
  6. The University Award for Human Rights.

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