Faculty of Medicine: Department of Biochemistry

Experience In This Department: 20

Awad Mohamed Ali Hasan Elabd
Amal Abou El-Fadle Hassan Aly
Amal Abou Idris Aly Youssef
Amr Ahmed Hasan Mohamed
Azza Mahmoud Mohamed Elbermawy
Mahasen Abdelmoaty
medhat farah
Thanaa Hamed Farag Belal
Zohdy Mahdy Mohamed Abd Allah
Adel Farag Farag Mustafa Al-Kholy
Ahmed Hisham Attia Hassan
Gamal Mohamed Abdelgawad Ragab
Mosad Mohamed Oda
Naglaa Fathy Ibraheem Al-Husseini
# details
1 All types of nucleic acids extraction
2 Electophoresis
3 ELIZA technique
4 Gene expression and Statistics related
5 Molecular biology teaching
6 Mutation Detection and genotyping
7 PCR array technique
8 PCR techniques (conventional and Real time)
9 workshop preparation
Naglaa Ibrahim Mohamed Azab
Fouad El Sayed ahmed aly El Debakey
Mamdouh Zaki Abader
Omnia Alsaid Abdallah
Rabab Fawzy Salim Baioumy
Heba Mohamed Abd Elkareem Ali
Inas Abdulmonem Elsayed Ahmed
Mahmoud Ali Negm
Sanya Khairy Elawa
Shaymaa Mohamed Abd El-Rahman
Shuzan Ali Mohammed Ali
# details
1 • Conventional PCR
2 • Clinical chemistry analysis and Colorimetric estimations
3 • Gel electrophoresis
4 • DNA, RNA and micro-RNA extraction
5 • Enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA)
6 • Hormone assay
7 • Mutation detection by reverse hybridization
8 • Real Time PCR
9 • Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP)
10 • Spectrophotometry
11 • Complete blood count
Walaa Bayomi Abdel Wahhab El Gazzar
Yasmin Mohammed Abd Elrahman Marei
Hend El Sayed Nasr El sayed
Nashwa Elsayed Ahmed Mohamed kaytbay
omnia youssef habshy bayomi
doaa shaban mahmoud mohamed
Hebatallah Emam Mohammed
lina abdelhady mohamed
nama el sayed abdelmaksoud
Yasmin Marei