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New Research at BU on "Tannins Effect on Inhibiting COVID‐19"

Sunday 14 Aug. 2020 - 08:59:02
New Research at BU on

Prof. Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, Benha University Vice-president for Post Graduate Studies and Researches' Affairs said that a research team from Benha University "BU" and other researchers from China, India, and Sudan published in the Journal of Food Biochemistry a study about Tannins inhibit SARS‐CoV‐2 through binding with catalytic dyad residues of 3CLpro: An in silico approach with 19 structural different hydrolysable tannins.
Dr. Ibrahim Khalifa, the lecturer at the food industry department, faculty of agriculture and the head of BU research team said that the corona epidemic resulting from infection with novel coronavirus "covid19", has raised the concerns of the World Health Organization as well as all over the world.
Click on the link below, to view the research:

Source: Sector of University President

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