Benha University
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Total number of Publications in the faculty of Nursing is 615

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Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Community Health Nursing421061231132148 22 055Howyida Sadek Abdelhameed(28)
Maternal and Newborn Health261271279223153 25 033Soad Abdel Salaam Ramadan(30)
Medical and Surgical Nursing417198689112 25 01313Hanan Gaber Mohammed Mahmoud(19)
Nursing Service Administration17404533857 20 336Fawzia Farouk Kamel(11)
Pediatric Nursing168381531799 22 033Amaal Gharieb Sabbaq(16)
Psychiatric Nursing13334427246 17 134Mِawaheb Mahmoud Zaki(9)
Faculty Total 155 460 615 131 34 Soad Abdel Salaam Ramadan(30)
25 % 75 % 100% 79 % 21 %