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Total number of Publications in the faculty of Engineering, Shoubra is 4952

Departments Local
All Pub Staff with Pub Staff without Pub Highest Staff
Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Architectural Engineering175283306157138458 49 81222Wagih Fawzi Youssef(88)
Civil Engineering280651618473276931 102 181134Ibrahim Galal Ibrahim Shaaban(60)
Electrical Engineering288118710365973501475 138 71320Ibrahim Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Halim(75)
Engineering Mathematics and Physics6128725516969348 47 6514Aly Abd El Rahman El Sabbagh(33)
Mechanical Engineering6197315823467041350 100 181439Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa(88)
Surveying Engineering192198243188122390 38 3815Ahmed Abdel Sattar Shaker(49)
Faculty Total 1615 3337 4952 474 145 Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa(88)
33 % 67 % 100% 77 % 23 %