Faculty of Science: Department of Geology

Experience In This Department: 2

Zakaria elsayed abdallah hamimi
Abd El-Azeem Mahmoud Mohamed Mehanna
Hassan Abd El Maneam El Sheikh
Maher Abdel Lateef El Amawy
Mohamed Fathy Awad Allah
Mohamed Sharaf El-Din Hafez Naiem
Mohammad Abd Allah Hassan El Fakharany
Refaat Abd Elkareem Osman
Sayed Mahfouz Ahmed
Aref Adel Ahmed Elaraby Lashin
Basem Ahmed Zoheir
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1 I focused on study the mineral structural formulae and distribution in the rock clans. Along the way, however, I realized that the field work and sample collection form ancient mine was what I enjoyed the most. What made it more interesting are the vague historical stories of the ancient miners and the first geologists. Mineralogy and exploration geology were a natural career choice after this. However, soon after graduation I received an offer from the university to start a TA and then lecturer position. Besides the teaching capacities, implementing novel scientific research guaranteed high level of knowledge and qualification in supervising graduate students. I have always felt that my hard work in research and teaching was lauded and appreciated. While conducting research with a work group, it has helped me to develop a thorough insight into project handling, and mosaic the results. I improved my skills in computer software, to achieve my goal of undertaking cutting-edge research in advanced geological mapping and structural analysis. Aside of the research, I always believe that I must return to the academic world for further growth and empowering my department and university. I have been a member and PI in a couple of research projects stuying gold mineralization in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Cameroon. In addition, I studied the chromite ore in Ankara, Turkey together with Turkish researcher in 2007.
Gamal Mohamed Sayed Elkot
Hisham Abd al-Razzaq al-Shaker Zahra
Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Wetait
Emad Samir Sayed Sallam
Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed Afife
Mostafa Mohammad Mujahid Ahmed
Wael Dardir Ahmed Mohamed Hagag
Wafaa El-Shahat Afify El-Shahat
Adel Mady Afify Mohammed
Amr Abdelnasser Ali Khalil
Fatma Shaker Ali Elsayed Eldosouky
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Salem
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1 Marine Geophysical Survey
Mohamed K Zobaa
Nehad Mahmoud Abd El Bar Mohamed
Tami Mohamed Reda Abd El Wahab
Nesma Gamal Mohamed Elsayed
Abd Elazeem Ahmed Rashwan
Asmaa Elsayed Elaraby Ibrahim
Rounaq Hamed Mohamed Badawy
Saleh Alaa Saleh Mohamed
walaa Mahmoud said
Abd El Azeem Ahmed Rashwan
Mohamed kamal mohamed elbshtawy