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Total number of Publications in the faculty of Engineering, Shoubra is 6211

Departments Local
All Pub Staff with Pub Staff without Pub Highest Staff
Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Architectural Engineering260288392212142548 66 8313Wagih Fawzi Youssef(92)
Civil Engineering4178238847033091240 124 17527Ibrahim Galal Ibrahim Shaaban(92)
Electrical Engineering327147413447963641801 152 51621Sayed Abo-Elsood Sayed Ward(81)
Engineering Mathematics and Physics11940040524389519 54 439Emad Hassan Mohamed Ebrahim Zahran(58)
Mechanical Engineering6769348464806941610 114 171539Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa(88)
Surveying Engineering235258340219123493 44 21016Ahmed Abdel Sattar Shaker(51)
Faculty Total 2034 4177 6211 554 126 Wagih Fawzi Youssef(92)
33 % 67 % 100% 81 % 19 %