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Total number of Publications in the university is 44304

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Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Agriculture3335218455193488331214295519 322 92635Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil(212)
Applied Arts14413127522816627275 72 82735mounir hassan mahmoud(12)
Arts89463615308956305481530 253 353166Adel Kamal Khedr (61)
Commerce537403940633388261940 178 252853Gehan Abdel Elhady Mousa Mohamed(38)
Computers and Artificial Intelligence73876949809233123949 76 74350Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar(257)
Education948748169611267024391696 178 431154Gamal mohamed Abo Elwafa(92)
Engineering, Benha81020602870222313585812870 309 114960Hassan Nasr Ahmed Ismail(121)
Engineering, Shoubra1932397859103932250117035910 531 7352125Wagih Fawzi Youssef(92)
Law2611273889681269388 38 41822Ashraf Tawfik Shams El Dien(56)
Medicine624155581179975795421390711799 1556 20655261Mahmoud Hamdy M. Aly(91)
Nursing44969811471036897751147 176 34245Hwaida Sadek Abdelhameed(28)
Physical Education68445711411052977511141 174 11213Yaser Mahfouz Atwa Saad Elgohari(28)
Physical Therapy216181813108318 2 9209Noha Soliman Elserty(10)
Science1938311450522766162320775052 358 383876Alaa El-Sayed Ahmed Ahmed Amin(187)
Specific Education571321892638493159892 194 32023Omar Ahmed Emam(43)
Veterinary Medicine1882229641782826232110834178 283 172037Fahim Aziz Eldin Mohamed Shaltout(348)
University Total 20701 23603 44304 44304 44304 964 Fahim Aziz Eldin Mohamed Shaltout(348)
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