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Total number of Publications in the university is 41112

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Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Agriculture3196207252683242311714285268 300 113849Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil(167)
Applied Arts10912523418713728234 58 102636mounir hassan mahmoud(12)
Arts80863114398195785441439 238 373471Adel Kamal Khedr (61)
Commerce459397856550340261856 161 263258Gehan Abdel Elhady Mousa Mohamed(38)
Computers and Artificial Intelligence67820887751228119887 73 93241Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar(257)
Education813742155510035994211555 173 441559Gamal mohamed Abo Elwafa(92)
Engineering, Benha76118842645201112145702645 287 124658Hassan Nasr Ahmed Ismail(121)
Engineering, Shoubra1790379955893646229616835589 508 7451125Wagih Fawzi Youssef(92)
Law2471273748066271374 36 51924Ashraf Tawfik Shams El Dien(56)
Medicine546453041076866234590385710768 1474 22061281Mahmoud Hamdy M. Aly(91)
Nursing3406601000887750771000 157 34750Howyida Sadek Abdelhameed(28)
Physical Education49645294888382926948 161 31922Yaser Mahfouz Atwa Saad Elgohari(20)
Science1892298748792618151220684879 346 393776Alaa El-Sayed Ahmed Ahmed Amin(187)
Specific Education487317804575425136804 178 43337Omar Ahmed Emam(43)
Veterinary Medicine1741212538662546211910633866 269 182442Fahim Aziz Eldin Mohamed Shaltout(310)
University Total 18670 22442 41112 41112 41112 1029 Fahim Aziz Eldin Mohamed Shaltout(310)
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